About the Organic Food Guide

The NOFA/Mass Organic Food Guide (OFG) is a directory of farms and businesses throughout Massachusetts that raise and sell certified organic and sustainably grown products. Started in 1988, the OFG is a program of NOFA/Mass. We aim to comprehensively showcase our state's organic community in a way that is useful to consumers, to the media and to the general public. We also hope the information provided here will become a useful networking and marketing tool for organic farmers and business owners.

Who is listed?


Certified vs. Sustainable

Farms that are listed in the OFG are either certified organic by a statewide or national agency, or practice organic methods but have chosen for a variety of reasons not to be formally certified.

If a farm is certified organic, that is indicated on the listing page beneath that farm's contact information. The certifying organization is also listed. Most of the certified organic farms listed on this site are certified through Baystate Organic Certifiers. If you have questions about the certification process, or about the status of any farm, please contact Baystate Organic Certifiers at


If a farm listed in the OFG is not certified organic, the word "sustainable" will appear on the listing page beneath that farm's contact information. All of the farmers in charge of these operations have affirmed the following NOFA/Mass Sustainability Pledge:

I have raised my food without genetically modified (GM) seed or sewage sludge on land free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers for at least three years. My livestock have access to pasture out-of-doors, are raised without antibiotics, artificial hormones, or synthetic parasiticides and receive either 100% organic feed or feed that has been raised sustainably, as defined by the first sentence of this pledge.

Just as a whole farm, part of a farm, or only a single crop may be certified organic, in some cases only part of a farm meets the NOFA/Mass sustainability standards. In both scenarios, we have tried as much as possible to highlight only the parts of a farm that are either certified organic or sustainable.

At NOFA/Mass, we tend to think that ultimately the best way to understand what practices a grower uses is to talk to the farmer. When you shop at farmers' markets, visit a farm stand or pick up your CSA shares, ask questions about the grower's operation. And get to know your farmer!

Ways to purchase products

Because we want the general public to find this site as useful as possible, we have separated out various ways that you can purchase food from the farms listed.


Stores and restaurants that sell or serve certified organic products or food are also listed in the OFG.

Want to be listed?

Because we want the OFG to be a comprehensive directory of the state's organic farm and business community, we are always looking to add organic and sustainable farms and businesses. If you know of a farm or business you think should be listed, please email .

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