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4504 SMITH RD 14505-9509

Small, humane farm in upstate NY.  Our animals receive plenty of pasture, sunshine, fresh air & water each day.  Grass fed and FINISHED Aberdeen Angus that are registered, certified and from a closed herd.  Heritage breed pigs that roam in the woods, non-gmo chickens from non gmo parents. All animals that eat grain (pork and poultry) eat only NOFA certified organic feed from a local mill. You will find no soy and no corn in our feed.  We know there is no place for that in the feed.  Soy?  When did that become "Normal"?

We do not administer antibiotics or any hormones.  Our animals are free to live their lives as animals should. Any treats are even organic as we strive to give them the best always. We love our farm and pride ourselves on doing the right thing.  Please feel free to reach out to us any time via email  We are transparent and strive to help others find good food for themselves and their families.

Joe and Michelle Fioco
Smith Road Farm
est. 2015

Product Info:

Grass Fed & Finished Aberdeen Angus
NOFA Certified Organic Fed Pigs & Poultry

Retail cuts of meat, flash frozen at our choice of USDA butcher. From our pastures to your table... the best and best for you!

Contact Information
Phone: 315.576.6434

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