The Organic Food Guide: Connecting Food Lovers and Food Growers

By Christy Bassett, NOFA/Mass Membership & The Organic Food Guide Coordinator

This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2018 June Issue Newsletter

children in field

Maybe you have a thing for Swiss chard, kohlrabi, or arugula.  Perhaps you recently discovered garlic scapes and can’t get the spicy green snap of them out of your mind.  You’re longing for the unique explosion of flavor from a perfectly ripe heirloom tomato.  It’s okay, we are too.  And we’re here to help.

The Organic Food Guide is the solution to your food cravings! is a place where you can find organic and sustainably grown food, services and products close to home.  Search from our database of over 200 Massachusetts farms, restaurants and small businesses that are either certified organic or that have taken our Sustainability Pledge.  Want to try a CSA? No problem – find farms in your area that offer CSA shares.  Prefer to peruse a farm stand straight at the source or visit a farmers’ market for variety?  Select your locale and search for it.  You can even find farms and orchards that offer “pick your own” produce for the full farm experience.

If you are a retailer or own a restaurant, we make it easy for you to find local farms that sell their organic products at wholesale rates.  (And then you can list your business on The Organic Food Guide too!)  You are an intricate and important part of our food system.  Small businesses that round up products from small farmers that don’t have the time or means to sell their products to a more concentrated population provide financial and moral support to our hard-working growers.  More and more people are choosing to buy locally and responsibly grown food.  We can all be a part of this movement.

For all of the reasons that we love buying organic, The Organic Food Guide has something for everyone.  If you would like to list your farm, business or restaurant please go to the website and submit your listing today.  Listing or searching on The Organic Food Guide is free.  NOFA/Mass is proud to offer this resource, funded through the support of members and donors like you.

If you would like assistance setting up or editing your listing on The Organic Food Guide please contact Christy Bassett at [email protected] or 978-575-4084.