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Crimson & Clover Farm

Summary: Crimson & Clover Farm is a 17-acre mixed vegetable farm. We offer shares to 370 families in the Northampton area and we attend the Tuesday and Saturday farmers' markets in Northampton. We grow our vegetables using sustainable [...]
209 Spring St., Florence, MA 01062
Contact Info:

Nathan Frigard


Left Field Farm

Summary: Established in 1994 in a small clearing in the woods, Left Field Farm has evolved into a diverse enterprise that grows and sells hundreds of varieties of certified organic ornamental and vegetable plants in our greenhouses and a large [...]
20 Root Road, Middlefield, MA 01243
Contact Info:

Mitch Feldmesser and Maureen Sullivan

Phone: 413-623-5137

Moraine Farm, The Trustees of Reservations

Summary: At Moraine Farm CSA, our vegetables are grown in an environmentally sustainable manner: crops grow from greenhouse to harvest without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticide,s or herbicides. The farmers use compost and organic fertilizers. Green manures and legume cover crops [...]
733 Cabot St., Beverly, MA 01915
Contact Info:

Gretta Anderson

Phone: 978-969-1738

Wolfe Spring Farm

Summary: Wolfe Spring Farm is a family-owned and -operated certified organic and certified naturally grown CSA. We grow a wide variety of small fruits and vegetables. We also raise egg layers, meat chickens, turkeys, pigs, dairy cows and a goat.
946 Hewins St., Sheffield, MA 01257
Contact Info:

Jim and June Wolfe

Phone: 413-229-2012